Cell mechanical characterization based on on-chip robotics

Fumihito Arai, Shinya Sakuma

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In this chapter, we propose “on-chip robotics” that is based on robot technologies and lab-on-a-chip devices to achieve high-speed, high-accuracy, and quantitative cell manipulation and analysis on a chip. We presents a high-throughput cell mechanical characterization method using a robot integrated microfluidic chip (robochip). The robochip contains a magnetically driven on-chip probe, a force sensor, and microchannels. The displacement reduction mechanism is adopted to the on-chip probe for high resolution positioning of the tip of the probe, and we achieved noncontact actuation of the on-chip probe with 0.18 μm in repetitive positioning. We show the automated mechanical characterization of oocyte. The throughput of the measurement is approximately 15–20 s per oocyte, and we conclude that high-throughput cellular mechanical characterization is achieved. We also show measurements of the viscoelastic properties of oocyte using the robochip. The proposed approach based on a robochip is a promising technology for contributing to the analysis of the physical and biological properties of cells.

ホスト出版物のタイトルHyper Bio Assembler for 3D Cellular Systems
出版社Springer Japan
出版ステータス出版済み - 1 1 2015

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