Characteristics and prognosis of Japanese female breast cancer patients: The BioBank Japan project

Biobank Japan Cooperative Hospital Group

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Background: Breast cancer is currently the most common type of cancer in Japanese females. Unlike most other types of cancer, breast cancer develops more frequently in middle-aged females than in elderly females. Methods: Of all Japanese female breast cancer patients aged ≥ 20 years whom the BioBank Japan Project originally enrolled between 2003 and 2008, 2034 were registered within 90 days after their diagnosis. We described the lifestyle and clinical characteristics of these patients at study entry. Furthermore, we examined the effect of these characteristics on all-cause mortality. Results: In the female patients registered within 90 days after diagnosis, the frequency of stage 0 or unclassified, stage I, II, III and IV were 11.4%, 47.9%, 37.0%, 2.9% and 0.8%, respectively. The proportion of histological types was 12.9% for non-invasive carcinoma (ductal carcinoma and lobular carcinoma), 81.0% for invasive carcinoma (papillotubular carcinoma, solid tubular carcinoma, scirrhous carcinoma and special types), 0.2% for Paget's diseases and 5.8% for others. Those positive for the estrogen and progesterone receptors accounted for 75.8% and 62.1% of all patients, respectively. Among 1860 female participants registered within 90 days, 218 participants died during 144,54 person-years of follow-up. More advanced stage, elevation of serum carcinoembryonic antigen and carbohydrate antigen 15-3 levels and absence of the estrogen receptor at study entry were crudely associated with an increased risk of all-cause mortality after adjustment for age. Conclusions: This study showed the association of several clinical characteristics with all-cause mortality in female breast cancer patients.

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