Characteristics of multi-phase alternating current arc for glass in-flight melting

Yaochun Yao, Kazuyuki Yatsuda, Takayuki Watanabe, Tsugio Matsuura, Tetsuji Yano

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An innovative in-flight melting technology with multi-phase AC arc was developed for glass industry. The enthalpy probe and high speed video camera were used to characterize the temperature, velocity, and discharge behavior of multi-phase AC arc. The effects of input power and sheath gas flow rate on arc and melting behavior were investigated. Results show that the temperature and velocity on arc center are increased with input power or sheath gas flow increase. The fluctuation of luminance area ratio and coefficient of variation reflects the change of arc discharge behavior. High temperature of plasma enhances the melting of granulated raw particles during in-flight heating treatment. The shrinkage of particle and the volatilization degree of Na 2O increase under a larger flow rate of sheath gas. The characterized arc behavior agrees with the melting behavior of glass raw materials, which can provide valuable guidelines for the process control of glass melting.

ジャーナルPlasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing
出版ステータス出版済み - 10月 2009

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