Characteristics of Schumann Resonance Parameters at Kuju Station

Akihiro Ikeda, Teiji Uozumi, Akimasa Yoshikawa, Akiko Fujimoto, Shuji Abe, Hiromasa Nozawa, Manabu Shinohara

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The ground magnetic field variation in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range has been measured by an induction magnetometer at Kuju, Japan (KUJ; M.Lat. = 23.4 degrees, M. Lon. = 201.0 degrees) since 2003. The first mode of the Schumann resonance (SR) around 8 Hz can be seen at KUJ. The SR in H (horizontal northward component) shows maximum peaks around 08 UT and 15 UT. In the case of D (horizontal eastward component), the SR shows its maximum peak around 08 UT. These peaks are coincident with the enhancement of lightning activity in Africa and Asia. Thus, we found the influence of the lightning activity on the observed SR at KUJ.

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出版ステータス出版済み - 10月 24 2017
イベント8th International Conference on Solar-Terrestrial Relations and Physics of Earthquake Precursors, STREEP 2017 - Paratunka, Kamchatka, ロシア
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