Chromosomal and comparative genomic analyses of HHV-8-negative primary effusion lymphoma in five HIV-negative Japanese patients

Koichi Ohshima, Masako Ishiguro, Satoshi Yamasaki, Junichi Miyagi, Seichi Okamura, Yasuhiro Sugio, Tsutomu Muta, Hidenori Sasaki, Takeshi Tuchiya, Chika Kawasaki, Masahiro Kikuchi

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A rare subset of HIV lymphoma, known as primary effusion lymphoma (PEL), is a high-grade tumour carrying human herpes virus 8 (HHV-8). Very little is known about genomic aberration in PEL, and only a few HIV-negative PEL have been reported. Here we report the results of chromosomal analysis and comparative genomic hybridisation (CGH) conducted to detect regions of gain and loss, in five HIV-negative Japanese cases of HHV-8-negative PEL. All patients except one (35-year-old female) were elderly men and the morphologic examination showed large cell type. PEL expressed B-cell-associated and activation-associated antigens, and exhibited clonal immunoglobulin genes. No HHV-8 was detected in all four examined cases, but Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) was detected in one case. Genomic abnormalities and aberrations were identified in all HHV-8/HIV-negative PEL. CGH studies showed gain in 19 of 24 chromosomes. Gains of 3q13-27, 8q24, 10q21-23 and Yq were detected in two of the five cases, but other gains were noted in each case. Chromosomal analysis revealed complex abnormalities both in numbers and structures. Burkitt lymphoma-associated t(8;22) was detected in one case, but +8 chromosome and c-myc amplification were detected in the other three cases by Southern blot and/or fluorecence in situ hybridization (FISH). Abnormality of chromosome 8, which associates with c-myc, was detected in four of the five HHV-8/HIV-negative PEL. However, the other common genomic abnormalities of HHV-8/HIV-negative PEL were not detected in our study, but the complex abnormalities seemed to be true rather than the usual large B-cell lymphoma. Our results suggest that multi-step genomic abnormalities might be associated in HHV-8/HIV-negative PEL tumorigenesis.

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