Compound self-motion perception induced by two kinds of optical motion

Hiroyuki Ito, Chisa Fujimoto

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    Two kinds of flow patterns consisting of random dots were presented simultaneously to subjects to investigate whether or not two kinds of vection occur simultaneously. One pattern induces vertical linear self-translation, whereas the other induces self-rotation around a vertical axis (when either pattern is presented alone). Three sets of conditions were tested. The first condition was one in which random dots moved in a summed direction of both flow vectors. In the second condition, both flow patterns were simply overlaid, whereas in the third condition, the two kinds of flow patterns were overlaid with a depth separation produced by binocular disparity. The subjects perceived both kinds of vection simultaneously in directions opposite to those of the corresponding flow components under the first condition, whereas either vection occurred mainly under the second condition. Under the third condition, both of the flows induced each kind of vection simultaneously, despite there being no physical vector summation of dot motion. The background flow induced vection in a direction opposite to the flow direction, whereas the foreground flow induced vection in the same direction as the flow direction. These results show that induced self-translation and induced self-rotation can occur simultaneously in two ways.

    ジャーナルPerception and Psychophysics
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