Control of secondary flow in a low solidity circular cascade diffuser

Daisaku Sakaguchi, Takuji Fujii, Hironobu Ueki, Masahiro Ishida, Hiroshi Hayami

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According to the previous experimental works on the low solidity circular cascade diffuser (LSD), a pressure recovery of a centrifugal blower was improved by the LSD significantly in a wide range of flow rate, and the pressure recovery was improved further by the LSD with a tandem cascade in comparison with the LSD with a single- row cascade. In the present study, the flow behavior in the LSD with the tandem cascade has been analyzed numerically by using the commercial CFD code of ANSYS-CFX12. It was shown clearly that the higher pressure recovery was achieved by applying the LSD with the tandem cascade, and the high pressure recovery is based on the high pressure rise in the vaneless space upstream of the LSD and the high blade loading of the front blade of the LSD. The high pressure recovery in the LSD could be achieved by controlling the flow separation on the suction surface of the front blade and also on that of the rear blade due to formation of the favorable secondary flow and due to increase in mass flow passing through the slit section between the front and rear blades.

ジャーナルJournal of Thermal Science
出版ステータス出版済み - 8月 2012

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