Control of steroidogenic P450 gene expression by a orphan nuclear receptors

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The adrenal cortex, testis. and ovary are major steroid hormone synthetic tissues in which steroidogenic P45ÜS catalyze reactions from cholesterol to various steroid hormones. In recent studies, it has been investigated how Ad4BP/SF-l and DAX-1 are implicated in the regulation of the steroidogenic tissue functions. In particular, extensive studies have been performed to elucidate the transcriptional activities of the nuclear factors and the transcriptional regulation of the genes encoding these factors. These nuclear factors show similar distributions in the steroidogenic tissues with a few exceptions, and show functional correlation. With respect to the regulation of these transcription factor genes, Ad4BP/SF-l has been found to be implicated in the regulation of both genes. Ad4BP/SF-l seems to function as a key factor for differentiation and maintenance of the steroidogenic tissues through regulating a variety of steroidogenic tissue specific genes.

ジャーナルFASEB Journal
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