Control of the area irradiated by the sheet-type plasma jet in atmospheric pressure

T. Kawasaki, K. Kawano, H. Mizoguchi, Y. Yano, K. Yamashita, M. Sakai, G. Uchida, K. Koga, M. Shiratani

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The sterilization effect has been investigated using the sheet-type plasma jet, which was generated between asymmetric electrodes with dielectric plates in gas flow released into the atmospheric air. In this paper, it is indicated there is a possibility that the plasma jet irradiation area can be controlled only by supplied gases without changing a generator structure. The irradiation area control was evaluated from both the sterilization area size and the oxidizing substances distribution. The oxidizing substance distribution was obtained using the chemical reagent prepared in our laboratory. The width of the sheet-type plasma jet was able to be controlled by N2 addition into He gas. As a result, the width of the sterilization area was able to be controlled within the range of 2 to 12 mm at a constant height without changing the generator structure. On the other hand, the evaluation from the oxidizing substances distribution indicated that the irradiation area cannot be controlled in one direction.

ジャーナルJournal of Physics: Conference Series
出版ステータス出版済み - 2014
イベント26th Symposium on Plasma Sciences for Materials, SPSM 2013 - Fukuoka, 日本
継続期間: 9 23 20139 24 2013

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