Correlation of hardening and microstructure of tantalum irradiated with heavy ions

Takeo Muroga, Kazufumi Yasunaga, Yutai Katoh, Hideo Watanabe, Naoaki Yoshida, Nobuaki Noda

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The microhardness change of tantalum irradiated with heavy ions has been evaluated using a micro-indentation technique. The increase in hardness by irradiation was significant below approximately 900 K and negligible above approximately 1100 K. The hardness decreased steeply with temperature at approximately 1000 K. Correlation of the results with microstructure data showed that the strength of voids and line dislocations as barriers against deformation should be very weak relative to that of loops and TEM-invisible defects. The temperature and fluence dependence of the hardening by TEM-invisible defects, derived by the correlation, implied an accumulation process of cascade vacancy clusters during irradiation.

ジャーナルASTM Special Technical Publication
出版ステータス出版済み - 2000
イベント19th International Symposium: Effects of Radiation on Materials - Seattle, WA, USA
継続期間: 6月 16 19986月 18 1998

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