Covalent binding of nitroso-sulfonamides to glutathione S-transferase in guinea pigs with delayed type hypersensitivity

Reiko Eyanagi, Akihisa Toda, Masumi Imoto, Hidemori Uchiyama, Yuji Ishii, Hiroaki Kuroki, Yukako Kuramoto, Shinji Soeda, Hiroshi Shimeno

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Drug induced allergies are believed to be induced by conjugates consisting of biological macromolecules and active metabolites. The present study investigated whether guinea pig glutathione S-transferase (gpGST), a protein that binds with sulfanilamide (SA) and sulfamethoxazole (SMX), could be detected in the liver cytosol fraction of guinea pigs that intraperitoneally received SA or SMX, and whether gpGST is a carrier protein. We synthesized three nitroso compounds, i.e., 4-nitroso-sulfanilamide (SA-NO), 4-nitrososulfamethoxazole (SMX-NO) and fluorescent-labeled nitroso compound (DNSBA-NO), and examined binding quantities of nitroso compounds to gpGST purified from untreated female guinea pigs. Furthermore, the concentrations of IgG in serum antibody for nitroso compounds were estimated using ELISA. When guinea pigs were sensitized using the three nitroso compounds, the dose dependent skin reactions were confirmed with each compound. In addition, sensitized guinea pigs using each nitroso compound showed positive skin reactions at an elicitation test performed using gpGST alone. The results confirmed synthesis of antibody against gpGST due to hapten sensitization. Therefore, when a nitroso compound binds with gpGST in the body of guinea pigs, nitroso-gpGST acts as a neoantigen, which induces synthesis of autoantibody. Thus, gpGST appears to be one of the carrier proteins that induce sulfa drug-induced allergies. Immunization of guinea pigs with active metabolite of drugs may give information for predicting the occurrence of delayed type hypersensitivity in human.

ジャーナルInternational Immunopharmacology
出版ステータス出版済み - 4 1 2012

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