Current combination chemotherapy containing paclitaxel for advanced, recurrent gastric cancer

Yasunori Emi, Yoshihiro Kakeji, Hideo Baba, Teruyoshi Ishida, Yoshihiko Maehara

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5-FU has been a key chemotherapeutic agent in the treatment of advanced or recurrent gastric cancer. In order to enhance the effect of 5-FU, biochemical modulation or combination chemotherapy has been developed. Although several phase III studies were reported in the 1990s, a standard chemotherapeutic regimen has not been established worldwide. Recently, a newly developed anticancer agent, Paclitaxel, can be clinically used for advanced gastric cancer either as a single agent or in combination with such as 5-FU, cisplatin, and TS-1. It may well further improve the quality of life and prolong the survival of patients with gastric cancer. Further assessment for the well design phase III clinical trials will be necessary to establish the availability of such combination modalities for the treatment of advanced, recurrent gastric cancer.

ジャーナルGan to kagaku ryoho. Cancer & chemotherapy
出版ステータス出版済み - 1 1 2004

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  • Oncology
  • Cancer Research

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