Current status and challenges of percutaneous vertebroplasty (PVP)

Tomoyuki Noguchi, Koji Yamashita, Ryotaro Kamei, Junki Maehara

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A narrative review regarding percutaneous vertebroplasty (PVP) for osteoporotic vertebral fracture (OVF) is provided herein, addressing the epidemic of OVF in Japan, the latest response to the criticism of PVP for OVFs, the indications and potential risks of PVP for OVFs, and a future perspective for PVP. Each year in Japan, approximately 32,000 patients aged 55 years or older suffer from chronic low back pain for several months to several years due to a compression fracture. PVP is one of the surgical treatments for an OVF, and it is less invasive compared to the traditional open surgery. PVP is suitable for OVF patients who have difficulty walking as assessed by the modified Yokoyama’s activities of daily living (ADL) scoring system, and for patients with Kummell's disease diagnosed by CT and MRI examinations. Serious adverse events related to PVP occur in 1.1–3.3% of the cases, but direct deaths from PVP are extremely rare at less than 1%. Recent studies demonstrated that OVF patients treated with PVP are less likely to die after the treatment than non-surgically treated patients, which conflicts with the Cochran reviews’ conclusion not supporting PVP for OVFs. Novel robotic systems and procedure-support devices are being developed, providing a next step toward fully automated PVP procedures.

ジャーナルJapanese Journal of Radiology
出版ステータス印刷中 - 2022

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