Decay study of257Rf

J. Qian, A. Heinz, R. Winkler, R. V.F. Janssens, T. L. Khoo, D. Seweryniak, D. Peterson, M. Asai, B. B. Back, M. P. Carpenter, A. B. Garnsworthy, J. P. Greene, A. A. Hecht, C. L. Jiang, F. G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, C. J. Lister, R. C. Pardo, A. Robinson, R. ScottR. Vondrasek, X. Wang, S. Zhu

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The isotope 257Rf was produced in the fusion-evaporation reaction 208Pb (50Ti, n) 257Rf. Reaction products were separated by the Argonne Fragment Mass Analyzer. Radioactive decay and spontaneous fission of 257Rf and its decay products were investigated. An isomeric state in 257Rf, with a half-life of 160-3142μS , was discovered by detecting internal conversion electrons followed by alpha decays. It is interpreted as a three-quasiparticle high-K isomer. A second group of internal-conversion electrons which were succeeded by alpha decay, with ahalf-life of 4.1 s+2.24 was observed. These events might originate from the decay of excited states in 257Lr, populated by electron-capture decay of 257, or from another isomer in 257Rf.

ジャーナルAIP Conference Proceedings
出版ステータス出版済み - 2009
イベントInternational Conference on New Aspects of Heavy Ion Collisions near the Coulomb Barrier, FUSION08 - Chicago, IL, 米国
継続期間: 9 22 20089 26 2008

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  • 物理学および天文学(全般)


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