Defect accumulation in JPCA and its high purity model alloys irradiated with D-T neutrons

T. Muroga, Y. Miyamoto, H. Watanabe, N. Yoshida

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Microstructures have been examined in JPCA and its four model alloys irradiated with D-T neutrons at 450 and 200°C to fluences of 0.15 to 5.4 × 1022 n/m2. At 450°C, a low density of interstitial loops and stacking fault tetrahedra are observed in the model alloys. The combined addition of titanium and carbon has a substantial effect on loop evolution. At 200°C, high densities of faint images as well as clear defect images are observed in JPCA and the model alloys. The density and dose dependence suggest that these defects are produced from collision cascades. Comparison with the data obtained by fast reactor and HVEM irradiations shows that, in Fe-Cr-Ni alloys near 450 ° C, the saturation loop number density is almost proportional to the square root of the damage production rate, irrespective of the irradiation type. This suggests the possibility of finding a simple correlation law for some irradiation conditions, if the damage rate effects are appropriately included.

ジャーナルJournal of Nuclear Materials
出版ステータス出版済み - 7 2 1988

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