Defect and field-enhancement characterization through electron-beam-induced current analysis

Hitoshi Umezawa, Hiroki Gima, Khaled Driche, Yukako Kato, Tsuyoshi Yoshitake, Yoshiaki Mokuno, Etienne Gheeraert

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To investigate the effects of defects and field enhancement in diamond power devices, a biased Schottky barrier diode was characterized by electron-beam-induced current (EBIC) analysis. The nonuniform distribution of the electrical field was revealed by bright spots on the laterally expanded depletion layer of the EBIC intensity map when the applied electrical field exceeded 0.95 MV/cm. The nonuniformity is partly due to a structural effect: the roughness at the edge of the Schottky electrode, induced by lithography and lift-off processes. A second family of spots was shown to increase the leakage current of the device. The time constant associated with this second spot family was 0.98 ms, which is three orders of magnitude shorter than that for defects previously characterized by deep-level transient spectroscopy.

ジャーナルApplied Physics Letters
出版ステータス出版済み - 5月 1 2017

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