Density Data of Two (H2 + CO2) Mixtures and a (H2 + CO2 + CH4) Mixture by a Modified Burnett Method at Temperature 673 K and Pressures up to 25 MPa

Siyuan Cheng, Fei Shang, Weigang Ma, Hui Jin, Naoya Sakoda, Xing Zhang, Liejin Guo

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The PVT properties of the (H2 + CO2) mixtures and the (H2 + CO2 + CH4) mixtures in the supercritical region of water are significant for making full use of the gas mixtures in the coal and supercritical water gasification. We report PVT measurements of the (0.6005 H2 + 0.3995 CO2), (0.6992 H2 + 0.3008 CO2), and (0.6026 H2 + 0.1948 CO2 + 0.2026 CH4) mixtures (all in mole fractions) at temperature 673 K and pressures of (0.5 to 25) MPa, measured by a modified Burnett method. The upper bounds of the expanded uncertainties at 95% confidence are 0.2 K for temperature, 0.015·p for pressure, and 0.008·ρ for density. The density data were compared with those predicted using the GERG-2008 equation of state. The deviations between the calculated and experimental data are not more than 0.021·ρ. Furthermore, the densities were found in accordance with the weighted average of the components' existing equations of state using their mole fractions within 0.0076·ρ for all of the mixtures in this work. The second and third virial coefficients were determined at temperature 673 K for hydrogen and all of the mixtures investigated.

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出版ステータス出版済み - 4 11 2019

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