Depressive states in workers using computers

Yoshio Mino, Toshihide Tsuda, Akira Babazono, Hideyasu Aoyama, Simpei Inoue, Hirotoshi Sato, Hirosh Ohara

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There have been few reports investigating the depressive states in workers using computers. We describe the depressive states observed in workers using computers and discuss the sources of their occupational stresses. The first subject is a 34-year-old male manager of a manufacturing company who had customarily worked until 9 PM. In 1985, it became necessary for him to work until midnight; symptoms of depression began to appear during this period, exacerbated after trouble with a computer. In 1986, he visited a psychiatrist and his condition was diagnosed as Major Depression according to DSM-III. The second subject is a 26-year-old male VDT (visual display terminal) operator in a general hospital. Before the onset, he had had to work until 8 PM and, at the end of each month, until midnight. Two months later, he became depressed and his condition was diagnosed as Major Depression according to DSM-III. The third subject is a 32-year-old male chief in the computer programming section of a bank. He had had to work until 8 PM, became depressed, and visited a psychiatrist who diagnosed his condition as Major Depression according to DSM-III. The authors discuss these cases from the standpoint of occupational stresses, as they are associated with work overload, and the important role these stresses played in the onset of the workers’ depressive states.

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