Design and Hardware Implementation of New Adaptive Fuzzy Logic-Based MPPT Control Method for Photovoltaic Applications

Hegazy Rezk, Mokhtar Aly, Mujahed Al-Dhaifallah, Masahito Shoyama

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An adaptive fuzzy logic (FL)-based new maximum power point (MPP) tracking (MPPT) methodology for controlling photovoltaic (PV) systems is proposed, designed, and implemented in this paper. The existing methods for implementing FL-based MPPTs lack for adaptivity with the operating point, which varies in wide range in practical PV systems with operating irradiance and ambient temperature. The new proposed adaptive FL-based MPPT (AFL-MPPT) algorithm is simple, accurate, and provides faster convergence to optimal operating point. The effectiveness and feasibility verifications of the proposed AFL-MPPT methodology are validated with considering various operating conditions at slow and fast change of solar radiation. In addition, the simplified implementation of the proposed algorithm is carried out using C-block in PSIM software environment, wherein the proposed algorithm and system are simulated. Additionally, experimental results are performed using a floating-point digital signal processing (DSP) controller (TMS320F28335) for verifying the feasibility of the proposed AFL-MPPT methodology. The results of simulations and experimental prototypes show great consistency and prove the capability of the new AFL-MPPT methodology to extract MPPT rapidly and precisely. The new proposed AFL-MPPT method achieves accurate output power of the PV system with smooth and low ripple. In addition, the new proposed AFL-MPPT method benefits fast dynamics and it reaches steady state within 0.01 s.

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