Design of multifunctional soft biomaterials: Based on the intermediate water concept

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There are numerous parameters of polymeric biomaterials that can affect the protein adsorption and cell adhesion. The mechanisms responsible for the polymer/protein/cell interactions at the molecular level have not been clearly demonstrated, although many experimental and theoretical efforts have been made to understand these mechanisms. Water interactions have been recognized as fundamental for the protein and cell response to contact with polymers. This chapter focuses on the interfacial water at the polymer/protein/cell interfaces and specific water structure in hydrated biopolymers and bio-inspired water in hydrated synthetic polymers. Additionally, it highlights recent developments in the use of biocompatible polymeric biomaterials for medical devices and provides an overview of the progress made in the design of multifunctional element-block polymers by controlling the bio-inspired water structure through precision polymer synthesis.

ホスト出版物のタイトルNew Polymeric Materials Based on Element-Blocks
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