Determination of potent odorants in apple by headspace gas dilution analysis

Pongsuriya Komthong, Shoichi Hayakawa, Tatsuo Katoh, Noriyuki Igura, Mitsuya Shimoda

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Gas chromatography-olfactometry with headspace gas dilution analysis was used to evaluate the odor potencies of volatile compounds in Fuji apple. To improve the resolution of volatile compounds, the dilution analysis was conducted on two types of capillary columns with different polarities. Thirty three and 20 compounds were identified on DB-WAX and DB-5 columns, respectively. Methyl 2-methylbutanoate, isobutyl acetate, ethyl butanoate, ethyl 2-methylbutanoate, isopentyl formate, butyl acetate and hexyl acetate as well as hexanal were important odor contributors in the headspace gas of apple on the basis of high Flavor Dilution (FD) factors. Threshold values-in-air of these compounds were also estimated from the relationships between their FD factors and concentrations. Methyl 2-methylbutanoate and ethyl 2-methylbutanote were considered as the most potent odorants because of their lowest threshold values. In addition, the threshold values-in-air of isopentyl formate, isopentyl acetate and butyl isobutanoate, which have never been reported, were estimated at 0.149, 1.95 and 0.00607 μl/l, respectively.

ジャーナルLWT - Food Science and Technology
出版ステータス出版済み - 6 2006

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