Determination of wood properties by FT-Raman spectroscopy in Eucalyptus

T. Ona, T. Sonoda, J. Ohshima, S. Yokota, N. Yoshizawa

研究成果: 会議への寄与タイプ学会誌査読


The feasibility of using FT-Raman spectroscopy for rapid non-destructive determination of wood constituents and anatomy was examined using Eucalyptus species, including samples of various ages and colors. As wood constituents, contents of holocellulose, σ-cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, extractives, alkali extractives and total extractives, lignin syringyl/guaiacyl ratio and hemicellulosic neutral sugar composition were examined. As wood anatomy, proportion of cell types (fiber, ray parenchyma, vessels and axial parenchyma), cell length, cell wall ratio, and cell width and cell wall thickness of vessels and fibers were examined. The application of derivative transformation of Raman spectroscopic data coupled with multivariate data analysis revealed highly significant correlations between conventionally measured and Raman predicted values for all traits except rhamnose and vessels ratio with correlation coefficient > 0.8 both in calibration and in prediction. Consequently, this non-destructive method has proved its validity for analyzing Eucalyptus native wood meal samples, regardless of their age and color, to determine various kinds of wood constituents and anatomy.

出版ステータス出版済み - 1月 1 2001
イベント55th Appita Annual Conference - Hobart, TAS, オーストラリア
継続期間: 4月 30 20015月 2 2001


その他55th Appita Annual Conference
CityHobart, TAS

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