Determining thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of low-density gases using the transient short-hot-wire method

P. L. Woodfield, Jun Fukai, M. Fujii, Yasuyuki Takata, K. Shinzato

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The transient short-hot-wire method for measuring thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity makes use of only one thermal-conductivity cell, and end effects are taken into account by numerical simulation. A search algorithm based on the Gauss-Newton nonlinear least-squares method is proposed to make the method applicable to high-diffusivity (i.e., low-density) gases. The procedure is tested using computer-generated data for hydrogen at atmospheric pressure and published experimental data for low-density argon gas. Convergence is excellent even for cases where the temperature rise versus the logarithm of time is far from linear. The determined values for thermal conductivity from experimental data are in good agreement with published values for argon, while the thermal diffusivity is about 10 % lower than the reference data. For the computer-generated data, the search algorithm can return both thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity to within 0.02 % of the exact values. A one-dimensional version of the method may be used for analysis of low-density gas data produced by conventional transient hot-wire instruments.

ジャーナルInternational Journal of Thermophysics
出版物ステータス出版済み - 8 1 2008


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