Deuterium irradiation resistance and relevant mechanism in W–ZrC/Sc2O3 composites prepared by spark plasma sintering

Gang Yao, Hong Yu Chen, Ming Qi Fu, Lai Ma Luo, Xiang Zan, Qiu Xu, Kazutoshi Tokunaga, Xiao Yong Zhu, Yu Cheng Wu

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To study the D2 retention behavior of W–ZrC/Sc2O3 composites, mirror-polished samples prepared by spark plasma sintering (SPS) were exposed to different irradiation doses at room temperature (RT). TDS measurements were subsequently performed from RT to 900 K. Results revealed that Sc2O3 particles did not benefit the D2 + ion irradiation resistance, whereas W–1vol% ZrC/2 vol% Sc2O3 composites showed superior irradiation resistance over other samples. D2 implantation was also performed at 523 K with the irradiation dose of 1 × 1020 D2 +/m2 to study the influence of temperature on D2 retention during the capture process, which could apparently decrease D2 retention by low-energy traps. Only small dislocation loops or precipitates were observed in W–1vol% ZrC/2 vol% Sc2O3 sample after irradiation up to 1.0✕1021 D2 +/m2.

ジャーナルProgress in Nuclear Energy
出版ステータス出版済み - 2 2020

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