Differences in thymus-dependency among various T-cell functions

Y. Shimamoto, K. Taniguchi, C. Kubo, K. Nomoto

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Effects of thymectomy at various times after birth on cytotoxicity, delayed footpad reaction and antibody production were examined in 6 week old mice immunized intraperitoneally with chicken erythrocytes. Cytotoxicity and antibody production were abolished by thymectomy within 3 days after birth. Mice thymectomized at 5 days of age or later showed appreciable degrees of cytotoxicity and antibody production. On the other hand, a delayed footpad reaction could be elicited even in mice thymectomized within 24 h after birth, although the degree of the reaction was reduced by such a treatment. Therefore, T cells responsible for delayed hypersensitivity were less thymus-dependent and required the presence of the thymus for a shorter period in their development that those responsible for cytotoxicity or antibody production.

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    Shimamoto, Y., Taniguchi, K., Kubo, C., & Nomoto, K. (1980). Differences in thymus-dependency among various T-cell functions. Immunology, 41(1), 167-178.