Dissolution behavior of Al and formation process of ZnAl2O 4 phases in Al2O3-doped ZnO sintered bodies

Keita Shirouzu, Tohru Kawamoto, Naoya Enomoto, Junichi Hojo

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    Al-doped ZnO sintered bodies, which were doped with 0-2 mol % Al 2O3, were prepared from a powder mixture. Al could dissolve in ZnO grains uniformly and a fraction of Al tended to segregate along ZnO grain boundaries when the Al concentration was low. The decrease in the [c/a] lattice ratio suggested that the solubility of Al in ZnO increased with increasing concentration of Al2O3. The solubility of Al reached the limit when Al2O3 was doped at more than 1 mol %. ZnAl2O4 particles appeared before the solubility of Al reached the limit, indicating that the dissolution of Al and the formation of ZnAl2O4 phases occurred simultaneously in the Al 2O3-ZnO sintering process.

    ジャーナルJapanese Journal of Applied Physics
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    出版ステータス出版済み - 4 19 2010

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