Effect of wind on landward transportation of spray generated by wave overtopping at vertical breakwater

Masaru Yamashiro, Akinori Yoshida, Kazuyasu Murakami

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To clarify the effects of wind and wave run-up on the transportation of the spray caused by wave overtopping, field observations were conducted at a fishing port in Japan in the winter season over two years from December 2005 to February 2007. The violent wave run-up at a vertical breakwater and the transportation of the spray by wind were recorded with 3 digital video cameras. Besides, incoming waves were measured with a wave gauge and wind was also measured with a wind anemometer. On the basis of the observation data, several findings were obtained: 1) there are high correlations among the wave heights, the wave run-up heights and the distance of the spray transportation, 2) Relatively high correlation was also obtained between the distance of the spray transportation and the wind velocity, 3) the distance of the spray transportation can be estimated from the wave run-up height and the wind velocity with a simple expression obtained by multiple regression analysis.

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