Effective renaturation of reduced lysozyme by gentle removal of urea

Yoshitake Maeda, Hiroshi Koga, Hidenori Yamada, Tadashi Ueda, Taiji Imoto

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To increase the folding yield of concentrated reduced lysozyme, we developed a renaturation method by means of dialysis from concentrated urea with redox agents. After lysozyme was incubated in the reducing buffer (8 M urea solution) with oxidized glutathione, renaturation of reduced lysozyme was started by dialysis against the dialyzing buffer containing 8 M urea with redox agents. The urea concentration of the dialyzing bottle was gradually diluted with dialyzing buffer without urea at a flow rate of 0.1 ml/min by high pressure pump. Using this systematic dialysis, a concentration as high as 5 mg/ml of reduced lysozyme could be renaturated in 80% yield, while the folding yield was <5% even at a concentration of 1 mg/ml using a conventional rapid dilution method [Goldberg et al. (1991) Biochemistry, 30, 2790-2797]. Therefore, it was concluded that gentle removal of urea from denatured proteins, dissolved in concentrated urea solution, by means of dialysis should be useful to renature denatured proteins effectively.

ジャーナルProtein Engineering, Design and Selection
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