Effects of high-energy particle showers on the embedded front-end electronics of an electromagnetic calorimeter for a future lepton collider

C. Adloff, K. Francis, J. Repond, J. Smith, D. Trojand, L. Xia, E. Baldolemar, J. Li, S. T. Park, M. Sosebee, A. P. White, J. Yu, Y. Mikami, N. K. Watson, G. Mavromanolakis, M. A. Thomson, D. R. Ward, W. Yan, D. Benchekroun, A. HoummadaY. Khoulaki, M. Benyamna, C. Cârloganu, F. Fehr, P. Gay, S. Manen, L. Royer, G. C. Blazey, A. Dyshkant, V. Zutshi, J. Y. Hostachy, L. Morin, U. Cornett, D. David, R. Fabbri, G. Falley, K. Gadow, E. Garutti, P. Göttlicher, C. Günter, S. Karstensen, F. Krivan, A. I. Lucaci-Timoce, S. Lu, B. Lutz, I. Marchesini, N. Meyer, S. Morozov, V. Morgunov, M. Reinecke, F. Sefkow, P. Smirnov, M. Terwort, A. Vargas-Trevino, N. Wattimena, O. Wendt, N. Feege, J. Haller, S. Richter, J. Samson, P. Eckert, A. Kaplan, H. Ch Schultz-Coulon, W. Shen, R. Stamen, A. Tadday, B. Bilki, E. Norbeck, Y. Onel, K. Kawagoe, S. Uozumi, P. D. Dauncey, A. M. Magnan, V. Bartsch, F. Salvatore, I. Laktineh, E. Calvo Alamillo, M. C. Fouz, J. Puerta-Pelayo, A. Frey, C. Kiesling, F. Simon, J. Bonis, B. Bouquet, S. Callier, P. Cornebise, Ph Doublet, F. Dulucq, M. Faucci Giannelli, J. Fleury, H. Li, G. Martin-Chassard, F. Richard, Ch De La Taille, R. Pöschl, L. Raux, N. Seguin-Moreau, F. Wicek, M. Anduze, V. Boudry, J. C. Brient, D. Jeans, P. Mora De Freitas, G. Musat, M. Reinhard, M. Ruan, H. Videau, M. Marcisovsky, P. Sicho, V. Vrba, J. Zalesak, B. Belhorma, H. Ghazlane

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Application Specific Integrated Circuits, ASICs, similar to those envisaged for the readout electronics of the central calorimeters of detectors for a future lepton collider have been exposed to high-energy electromagnetic showers. A salient feature of these calorimeters is that the readout electronics will be embedded into the calorimeter layers. In this article it is shown that interactions of shower particles in the volume of the readout electronics do not alter the noise pattern of the ASICs. No signal at or above the MIP level has been observed during the exposure. The upper limit at the 95% confidence level on the frequency of fake signals is smaller than 1×10-5 for a noise threshold of about 60% of a MIP. For ASICs with similar design to those which were tested, it can thus be largely excluded that the embedding of the electronics into the calorimeter layers compromises the performance of the calorimeters.

ジャーナルNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment
出版ステータス出版済み - 10 21 2011

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  • 核物理学および高エネルギー物理学
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