Effects of projectile breakup and target excitation in scattering of polarized 7Li

Y. Sakuragi, M. Yahiro, M. Kamimura, M. Tanifuji

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Scattering of polarized 7Li by 12C at Elab = 21 MeV and by 26Mg at Elab = 44 MeV is investigated by the use of the double-folding interaction in the coupled-channel framework where the breakup of 7Li to non-resonant continuum region and the excitation of 12C or 26Mg to the first 2+ state are taken into account in addition to the excitations of 7Li to the discrete levels so far considered. The effective interactions induced by the couplings between these channels are studied in detail by the invariant-amplitude method with fruitful results. For example, serious effects due to the projectile virtual excitation are observed in the central and third-rank tensor interactions in the elastic channel. The calculated cross sections and vector and tensor analyzing powers show overall good agreements with experimental data for the elastic scattering and the inelastic scattering to the 1 2 state of 7Li. The measured inelastic cross sections for the excitation of 26Mg and the mutual excitation to the 1 2- state of 7Li and the 2+ state of 26Mg for the 7Li+26Mg scattering as well as the excitation of 12C for the 7Li+ 12C scattering are well described by the calculation. The target excitation accompanied by the mutual one and the non-resonant breakup of the projectile newly introduced are found to make important contributions to these physical quantities.

ジャーナルNuclear Physics, Section A
出版ステータス出版済み - 4 4 1988

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