Efficacy and safety of cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitors for desmoid tumor management: a systematic review

Makoto Emori, Yoshihiro Matsumoto, Yasutaka Murahashi, Masahiro Yoshida, Yoshihiro Nishida

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The efficacy and safety of cyclooxygenase 2 (COX2) inhibitors for the treatment of desmoid-type fibromatosis (DF) are unclear. Therefore, we systematically reviewed related literature to assess the ef-ficacy and safety of COX2 inhibitors for DF treatment. We searched pertinent literature between January 1999 and August 2017 to identify relevant studies using the keywords “Fibromatosis, aggressive” and “Cyclooxygenase inhibitors.” Thereafter, we screened and determined the quality of the studies using the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation system and extracted the article data. The critical outcomes selected were the efficacy and adverse effects of COX2 inhibitors. Efficacy was evaluated in terms of clinical benefit when patients showed complete response, partial response, and stable disease. Thirty-one articles were identified from the database search, and one was identified through the reviewers’ manual search. Finally, we retrieved six studies, including three case reports, comprising 89 patients after the first and second screenings. Fifty-three patients were excluded because three studies were reported from the same institution; hence, in total, 36 patients were included. Clinical benefit was noted in 64% of the patients. Three adverse effects were identified from the records of the six extracted studies. The strategy of watchful waiting using COX2 inhibitors with few side effects is weakly recommended for DF, especially DF patients with pain.

ジャーナルNagoya journal of medical science
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