Electrodeposition behavior of a Zn-Ni alloy in an alkaline zincate solution

Hiroaki Nakano, Shingo Arakawa, Yuya Takada, Satoshi Oue, Shigeo Kobayashi

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    Electrodeposition behavior of Zn-Ni alloys was investigated at current densities of 10-500 A·m -2 and a charge of 5 × 10 4C·m -2 in an unagitated zincate solution containing triethanolamine, which forms a stable complex with Ni 2+ ions at 308K. At low current densities, the Zn-Ni alloy exhibited normal codeposition, wherein electrochemically more noble Ni deposited preferentially, while at high current densities, it exhibited anomalous codeposition, wherein less noble Zn deposited preferentially. Ni deposition and H 2 evolution were significantly suppressed in the region of anomalous codeposition at higher current densities, showing the formation of an inhibitor for deposition, which results from Zn 2+ ions in the cathode layer. In contrast, in the region of normal codeposition at lower current densities, the underpotential deposition of Zn apparently occurred with Ni. Because Zn-Ni alloys are composed of a stable intermetallic compound of Ni 5Zn 21, the activity coefficient of Zn in the deposit appears to decrease remarkably.

    ジャーナルMaterials Transactions
    出版ステータス出版済み - 2012

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