Engineering geological appraisal of the regional development program in Indonesia

Herryal Z. Anwar, Sudaryanto, Edi P. Utomo, Hideki Shimada, Kikuo Matsui

研究成果: 会議への寄与タイプ学会誌査読


Geologically, the Indonesian archipelago are surrounded by numerous sub-duction zones. This phenomenon causes many of the rock structure to be found in a great complexity, and many of the earthquake sources are scattered in this region. In the other hand, as the tropical country, besides the high rainfall rate, it can be noted as well that the ambient temperature and intensity of ultraviolet rays over a year period are relatively high. This fact, of course, cause great contribution to accelerate the degree of the rock weathering in this region. The circumstances above promote many parts of the Indonesian region to be characterized as the geological hazard area. Consequently, the engineering geological studies are a considerably significant factor to be comprehended in the regional development program. This paper demonstrates the role of the engineering geological studies in the regional development planning in Indonesia, particularly in the areas that are mostly affected by the geological hazard such as Irian Jaya and Bengkulu Province.

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イベントISRM International Symposium 2000, IS 2000 - Melbourne, オーストラリア
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