Enhancing Interfacial Properties of Mg2Si-Based Thermoelectric Joint with Mg2SiNi3 Compound as Electrodes

Shaoping Chen, Yanzuo Chen, Saneyuki Ohno, Libin Xu, Wenhao Fan, Lin Xue, Marhoun Ferhat, Yucheng Wu

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The phase component and its evolution during aging at the joint between thermoelectric (TE) materials and electrodes are of much importance to the quality and the performance of the TE devices. While the figure of merit zT of TE materials determines the maximum efficiency of TE devices, undesired side reactions causing the growing interfacial resistance or mechanical failures between TEs and metal electrodes limit the actual performance of devices. Herein, the candidate electrode materials (Mg2Ni and Mg2SiNi3) for Mg2Si are explored, which is one of the cost-effective and environmentally friendly TE materials exhibiting high zT. The electrodes are directly bonded to Mg2Si by field-activated pressure-Assisted sintering (FAPAS) in one-step process. The interfaces of fabricated joints with different sintering times are monitored by electron microscopy, followed by the measurement of shear strength and the contact resistances. Outperforming strength (28.29 MPa) and contact resistance (63 μΩ cm2) are observed with Mg2SiNi3 at the joint bonded for 30 min. A long-term stability test on Mg2SiNi3/Mg2Si joint reveals a minute increase in the contact resistance as well as sufficient mechanical stability, suggesting that Mg2SiNi3 is a great candidate of the electrode materials for Mg2Si.

ジャーナルPhysica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science
出版ステータス出版済み - 8月 1 2020

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