Environmental factors for establishment of the dormant state in oocytes

Katsuhiko Hayashi, So Shimamoto, Go Nagamatsu

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Guaranteeing the sustainability of gametogenesis is a fundamental issue for perpetuating the species. In the mammalian ovary, sustainability is accomplished by keeping a number of oocytes “stocked” in the dormant state. Despite the evident importance of this state, the mechanisms underlying the oocyte dormancy are not fully understood, although it is presumed that both intrinsic and extrinsic factors are involved. Here, we review environmental factors involved in the regulation of oocyte dormancy. Consideration of the environmental factors illustrates the nature of the ovarian compartment, in which primordial follicles reside. This should greatly improve our understanding of the mechanisms and also assist in reconstitution of the dormant state in culture. Accumulating knowledge on the dormant state of oocytes will contribute to a wide range of research in fields such as developmental biology, reproductive biology and regenerative medicine.

ジャーナルDevelopment Growth and Differentiation
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