Establishment and characterization of a non-T, non-B cell lymphoma cell line with T cell receptor beta- and gamma-chain gene rearrangement and possessing MRK 20 monoclonal antibody-defined 85KD protein.

I. Sugawara, T. Ikeuchi, K. Fukuchi, Y. Yoshikai, H. Sugiyama, H. Kodo, S. Mori

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    A new non-T cell, non-B cell lymphoma cell line, designated IN-1, was established from the ascitic fluid of a patient with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The IN -1 cells did not show any T cell and B cell immunophenotypes. There were rearrangements of T cell receptor beta- and gamma-chain gene, but no rearrangement of T cell receptor delta-chain gene and immunoglobulin JH gene. Electron microscopically, the cell had numerous pseudopods, mitochondria, vesicles, a conspicuous nucleolus, and scattered heterochromatin at the periphery of the nucleus. They reacted with only OKT9 monoclonal antibody. Molecular analysis revealed that cellular DNA from the IN-1 cells did not hybridize with Bam HI W fragment of EB virus DNA. Cytogenetic analysis showed that the chromosome number of the IN-1 was in the range of 61 -63 whose karyotype analysis demonstrated multiple numerical and structural chromosome changes. The IN-1 cells were resistant to etoposide in comparison with an IC50 of K562 (human chronic myelogenous leukemia). Interestingly, this IN-1 cell possessed 85 KD protein, but not P-glycoprotein, both of which are considered to be multidrug resistance-related proteins.

    ジャーナルHuman cell : official journal of Human Cell Research Society
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