Evaluation of the adverse effect of premature discontinuation of pegylated interferon α-2b and ribavirin treatment for chronic hepatitis C virus infection: Results from Kyushu University Liver Disease Study

Eiichi Ogawa, Norihiro Furusyo, Eiji Kajiwara, Kazuhiro Takahashi, Hideyuki Nomura, Yuichi Tanabe, Takeaki Satoh, Toshihiro Maruyama, Makoto Nakamuta, Kazuhiro Kotoh, Koichi Azuma, Kazufumi Dohmen, Shinji Shimoda, Jun Hayashi

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Background and Aims: Pegylated interferon (PEG-IFN) α-2b and ribavirin (RBV) treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is associated with a substantially elevated risk of discontinuation. The aim of this study is to evaluate the reason for premature discontinuation during PEG-IFN α-2b and RBV treatment due to adverse effects in patients with chronic HCV infection. Methods: A total of 2871 Japanese patients who had chronic HCV infection treated with PEG-IFN α-2b and RBV were screened. We prospectively investigated the reasons for premature discontinuation of treatment classified by sex and age, and analyzed the timing of discontinuation. Results: Of the 2871 patients, 250 (8.7%) discontinued treatment because of adverse effects. The main reasons for premature discontinuation were neurovegetative symptoms (n=77, 30.8%), depression-related syndrome (n=46, 18.4%), hematologic effects (n=41, 16.4%) and dermatologic effects (n=27, 10.8%). The rate of discontinuation of treatment for patients aged ≥65years was significantly higher than for patients aged <65years, for both men (P<0.0001) and women (P=0.0121). Moreover, the frequency of discontinuation due to neurovegetative symptoms, depression-related syndrome, and hematologic effects for men aged ≥65years was significantly higher than for those aged <65years (P=0.0001, P=0.0016, and P=0.0170, respectively), but not for women. Conclusion: Premature discontinuation due to the adverse effects of PEG-IFN α-2b and RBV treatment by patients with chronic HCV infection is mainly due to neuropsychiatric symptoms and is more common for older than for younger patients.

ジャーナルJournal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Australia)
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