Evolution and effect of the stress concentration and rock failure in the deep multi-seam coal mining

Mingwei Zhang, Hideki Shimada, Takashi Sasaoka, Kikuo Matsui, Linming Dou

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Supports crushing accident occasionally occurs in the protected seam exploitation of deep multi-seam coal mining structure and results in adverse effect to the production. To prevent its recurrence in a newly developed working field, a 3D numerical extraction model was built based on the geologic and mining conditions of Jining coal mine to evolve the changes, state and characteristics of the reconstructed vertical and lateral stress in rock interlayer after protective seam exploitation. Stress release and increase zones of this mining structure were separated. Mining-induced localized stress concentration and the interlayer rock failure behavior were explored. The action of concentrated stress on the hydraulic supports in protected seam was discussed upon the major stress redistribution. Using the infinitesimal strain method, a mechanical model was created to further explore, from the vertical and lateral directions, the cause and mechanism of localized stress concentration and rock failure behavior in rock interlayer. The field investigation was finally performed to verify the numerical and mechanical results, and the essential control measures were proposed to prevent this accident. Key findings of this study bring some new insights into the deep multi-seam coal extraction and help to promote a more reliable underground mining.

ジャーナルEnvironmental Earth Sciences
出版ステータス出版済み - 8 2014

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