Experimental study on impact load resistance of RC beam with corroded reinforcement

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In Japan, many concrete bridges along the coastline have suffered corrosion due to the chloride attack from seawater and airborne salt. Therefore, now, several researches on corroded RC structures have been ongoing around the world. Especially, as a basic research, many researchers have studied on the numerical and experimental method to evaluate static load resistant capacity of RC beams with corroded reinforcements. However, there has been almost no research to evaluate impact load resistant capacity. Of course, it is important that impact load resistant capacity is clarified, if the possibility of acting of impact load including in natural disaster on corroded RC structures is dealt with. With a background like this, this paper describes an experimental investigation of the structural behavior of corroded RC beams. To be precise, in this study, RC beams with corroded reinforcement by using electrolytic corrosion method were made, and both of static loading test and repeated impact test for those RC beams were conducted in order to clarify the static and impact load resistant capacity of them. As a result, we could get some findings. At first, through repeated impact tests (which has 1.0m/s impact velocity and a 100kg steel weight), the number of impacts to the failure of corroded RC beams were less than half of healthy RC beams. It was also found that fracture pattern was completely different due to some axial cracks by corrosion. In addition, even though the corrosion rate is same level, the impact load resistant capacity reduce greatly compared to the static load resistant capacity because of the existence and pattern of cracks due to corrosion.

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イベント3rd International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering for Sustainability, IConCEES 2015 - Melaka, マレーシア
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