Extending Z with state transition constraints

Kenji Taguchi, Keijiro Araki

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This paper proposes an extended notation of Z by which one can explicitly specify the intended behavior of operation schemas in the form of state transitions. The notation is based on a labeled transition system which is tractable to analyze the operational behavior of Z. In this paper we mainly focus on the semantical framework which enables us to express constraints both locally and globally. Simple examples are presented and some research issues on operational interpretation of schemas are discussed with respect to our semantical framework.

ジャーナルProceedings - IEEE Computer Society's International Computer Software & Applications Conference
出版ステータス出版済み - 1996
イベントProceedings of the 1996 IEEE 20th Annual International Computer Software & Applications Conference, COMPSAC'96 - Seoul, S Korea
継続期間: 8月 21 19968月 23 1996

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