Fatigue striations and fissures in 2024-T3 aluminum alloy

A. J. Mcevily, M. Endo, S. Cho, J. Kasivitamnuay, H. Matsunaga

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A study has been made of the striations and fissures developed in the aluminum alloy 2024-T3 during fatigue crack growth. Fissures were found to form on inclined facets. They were uniformly spaced as the result of a shielding process. Striation spacings were in accord with da/dN values at the higher levels of ΔK investigated, but at low ΔK levels striation spacings were larger than the corresponding da/dN values. The percentage of the fracture surface containing striations varied with the ΔK level, ranging from less than 1% at low ΔK levels to 80% at higher ΔK levels. The reason for the discrepancy between the spacing of striations and the corresponding da/dN values is discussed.

ジャーナルMaterials Science Forum
出版ステータス出版済み - 2月 1 2008
イベント5th International Conference on Materials Structure and Micromechanics of Fracture, MSMF-5 - Brno, チェコ共和国
継続期間: 6月 27 20076月 29 2007

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