Field effect control of translocation dynamics in surround-gate nanopores

Makusu Tsutsui, Sou Ryuzaki, Kazumichi Yokota, Yuhui He, Takashi Washio, Kaoru Tamada, Tomoji Kawai

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Controlling the fast electrophoresis of nano-objects in solid-state nanopores is a critical issue for achieving electrical analysis of single-particles by ionic current. In particular, it is crucial to slow-down the translocation dynamics of nanoparticles. We herein report that a focused electric field and associated water flow in a surround-gate nanopore can be used to trap and manipulate a nanoscale object. We fine-control the electroosmosis-induced water flow by modulating the wall surface potential via gate voltage. We find that a nanoparticle can be captured in the vicinity of the conduit by balancing the counteracting electrophoretic and hydrodynamic drag forces. By creating a subtle force imbalance, in addition, we also demonstrate a gate-controllable motion of single-particles moving at an extremely slow speed of several tens of nanometers per second. The present method may be useful in single-molecule detection by solid-state nanopores and nanochannels.

ジャーナルCommunications Materials
出版ステータス出版済み - 12月 2021

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