Friction-induced oscillations of a non-asbestos organic pin sliding on a steel disc

Oleksii Nosko, Takuo Nagamine, Hiroki Mori, Yuichi Sato

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Friction-induced oscillations result in deterioration of performance of disc brakes and are generally undesired. We conduct experimental study of friction-induced oscillations in a non-asbestos organic material/steel pair used in disc brakes of motor vehicles. The tests are done by use of a pin-on-disc machine in which the pin sample is supported on a deformable beam. The adjustable friction parameters are the disc velocity, contact pressure and temperature. The tests show that the friction coefficient decreases with the sliding velocity and increases with the temperature. The friction-induced tangential oscillation of the pin sample occurs with a frequency equal to the first natural frequency of the beam. The effects of the disc velocity and temperature on the oscillation characteristics are investigated. The oscillation amplitude increases with the disc velocity on the interval of velocities below 2 m/s. Temperature changes of several tens of degrees Celsius lead to the oscillation occurrence/decay. The obtained results can be useful for prognostication of friction-induced oscillations in disc brakes with non-asbestos organic pads.

ジャーナルActa Mechanica et Automatica
出版ステータス出版済み - 7 25 2015

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