Fundamental study on corrosion protection effect with sacrificial anode for corroded steel members using porous sintered plate and fiber sheet in an atmospheric environment

Shuji Ishihara, Shigenobu Kainuma, Masaru Kinoshita, Daisuke Uchida, Akira Kaneko, Takao Yamauchi

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In authors' previous research, a corrosion preventing method composed of porous sintered Al-Zn plate and cross-linking chemical fiber sheet applying to non-corroded steel members in an atmospheric environment was proposed. The objective of this research is to investigate the effect of the corrosion preventing method on remained corrosion products of corroded steel members. Laboratory tests and atmospheric exposure tests were carried out using the model specimen applied the corrosion preventing method for the steel with corrosion product. From the laboratory test results, reductive reaction of the corrosion product due to electrons supplied from the sacrificial anode was confirmed. In addition, the products layer peeled off, and then the plate surfaces were finally exposed by repeating of renewed corrosion reaction of the steel surface as the cathode, Fe3O4. Regarding atmospheric exposure tests, the effects of the composition of the sintered plate and the surface preparation on the corrosion products were clarified. In addition to this, the corrosion prevention in an atmospheric environment was also experimentally verified.

ジャーナルZairyo to Kankyo/ Corrosion Engineering
出版物ステータス出版済み - 1 1 2014


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