G031054 有限要素法解析による小規模降伏条件の提案([G031-05]材料力学部門,一般セッション: 破壊力学,転位)

石名 敏之, 濱田 繁, 野口 博司

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿学術誌


In order to clarify the transition of the coefficient in ASTM standard equation by the degree of work hardening, elastic-plastic finite element method analysis in which stress-strain curve was approximated by two straight line of Young's modulus E and tangential modulus E_twas carried out. By dividing stress by yield stress and strain by yield strain, various stress-strain curves could be expressed only by using the value of E_t/E. Based on the non-linear crack mechanics, the loading stress when equivalent plastic strain at node point of a crack tip became a constant value was obtained as an analysis solution. Imitating the normalized arrangement manner of numerical solution in Dugdale model in which similarity rule is effective under continuum mechanics, dimensionless quantities relevant to stress intensity factor and crack size were defined. Element size dependency in analytical solution was eliminated and transition in coefficient of small scale yielding condition equation against the value of E_t/E. was proposed. When normalized crack size a/l_0=200 and ratio of tangential modulus to Young's modulus (E_t/E) is 0.2, the coefficient of small scale yielding was 2.5 which is equal to ASTM standard condition equation.
寄稿の翻訳タイトルG031054 Proposal of Small Scale Yielding Condition by FEM Analysis
出版ステータス出版済み - 2013


「G031054 有限要素法解析による小規模降伏条件の提案([G031-05]材料力学部門,一般セッション: 破壊力学,転位)」の研究トピックを掘り下げます。これらがまとまってユニークなフィンガープリントを構成します。