Geologic and metamorphic evolution of the basement complexes in the Kontum Massif, central Vietnam

N. Nakano, Y. Osanai, M. Owada, Ngoc Nam Tran Ngoc Nam, T. Toyoshima, P. Binh, T. Tsunogae, H. Kagami

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This paper presents a regional scale observation of metamorphic geology and mineral assemblage variations of Kontum Massif, central Vietnam, supplemented by pressure-temperature estimates and reconnaissance geochronological results. The mineral assemblage variations and thermobarometric results classify the massif into a low- to medium-temperature and relatively high-pressure northern part characterised by kyanite-bearing rocks (570-700 °C at 0.79-0.86 GPa) and a more complex southern part. The southern part can be subdivided into western and eastern regions. The western region shows very high-temperature (> 900 °C) and -pressure conditions characterised by the presence of garnet and orthopyroxene in both mafic and pelitic granulites (900-980 °C at 1.0-1.5 GPa). The eastern region contains widespread medium- to high-temperature and low-pressure rocks, with metamorphic grade increasing from north to south; epidote- or muscovite-bearing gneisses in the north (< 700-740 °C at < 0.50 GPa) to garnet-free mafic and orthopyroxene-free pelitic granulites in the south (790-920 °C at 0.63-0.84 GPa). The Permo-Triassic Sm-Nd ages (247-240 Ma) from high-temperature and -pressure granulites and recent geochronological studies suggest that the south-eastern part of Kontum Massif is composed of a Siluro-Ordovician continental fragment probably showing a low-pressure/temperature continental geothermal gradient derived from the Gondwana era with subsequent Permo-Triassic collision-related high-pressure reactivation zones.

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