Ground state of the Si(0 0 1) surface revisited - Is seeing believing?

T. Uda, H. Shigekawa, Y. Sugawara, S. Mizuno, H. Tochihara, Y. Yamashita, J. Yoshinobu, K. Nakatsuji, H. Kawai, F. Komori

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The stable structure of clean Si(0 0 1) surface around 100 K is the c(4 × 2) arrangement constructed by buckled dimers. This structure was widely accepted as the ground state in 1990's. The view was challenged at the beginning of 2000's by the observations of a p(2 × 1) structure below 20 K with scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Recent experimental studies confirm that the dimer is buckled below 30 K. Large tip-surface interaction, and/or tunneling current induced dynamical effect are now experimentally evident in the STM images at low temperatures. Moreover, a current induced structure transformation is discovered below 40 K even in the study by low energy electron diffraction. Dynamical electronic and vibrational effects are theoretically studied for accounting the observation of a p(2 × 1) structure below 20 K.

ジャーナルProgress in Surface Science
出版ステータス出版済み - 10 2004

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