Growth Kinetics and Magnetic Property of Single-Crystal Fe Nanowires Grown via Vapor-Solid Mechanism Using Chemically Synthesized FeO Nanoparticle Catalysts

Takashi Yanase, Uika Ogihara, Yoshihiro Awashima, Takeshi Yanagida, Kazuki Nagashima, Taro Nagahama, Toshihiro Shimada

研究成果: ジャーナルへの寄稿記事


Single-crystal Fe nanowires (NWs) were synthesized on SiO2/Si substrates by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) using a two-flow system in the presence of FeO nanoparticles as catalysts. Transmission electron microscopy observations and an electron diffraction analysis revealed that the NW was defect-free α-Fe (bcc structure) oriented in the â 100»direction. A plausible mechanism of the Fe NW growth is suggested based on the observations of the morphology and characteristic diameter of the Fe NW. We found that the NWs became polycrystalline when their diameter was approximately 100 nm. The excellent crystal quality of the single-crystal NW was confirmed by electron diffraction and the residual resistance ratio. Magnetic uniformity and a strong shape-Anisotropic behavior of magnetization were observed by measuring the hysteresis loop and the angle dependence of the magneto-optical Kerr effect, respectively.

ジャーナルCrystal Growth and Design
出版物ステータス出版済み - 12 4 2019


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