Heterozygosity loss at 22q and lack of INI1 gene mutation in gastrointestinal stromal tumor

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Objectives: Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) is characterized by KIT or PDGFRA gene mutation. Although chromosomal losses of 22q are frequent in GIST, it is unclear which tumor suppressor genes might be inactivated in association with such losses. The INI1 gene, located at 22q11.23, is a tumor suppressor gene that is frequently altered in malignant rhabdoid tumor. Methods: To elucidate the hypothesis that the INI1 gene might be altered along with 22q loss in GIST, we examined the loss of heterozygosity (LOH) at 22q11.23, homozygous deletion and mutation of the INI1 gene, and its gene product expression as well as mutations of KIT and PDGFRA in 27 cases of GIST. Results: Among the 27 informative cases, 19 (70.4%) showed LOH of at least one of the microsatellite markers on 22q11.23. None of the cases (0%) showed homozygous deletion or mutation of the INI1 gene. Immunohistochemically, the INI1 expression was focally reduced in 17/27 (63%) cases, and the INI1 protein level and INI1 mRNA level were each correlated with the presence of 22q11.23 LOH. Although the 22q11.23 LOH was more frequently present in high- than in low-grade tumors, INI1 expression level was not correlated with tumor grade, tumor size, proliferative activity and the expression levels of cyclin D1 and p16INK4a. KIT mutations were found in 18/27 (66.7%) GISTs; however, the KIT genotype was not correlated with the status of LOH at 22q11.23. Conclusions: The results suggest that 22q11.23 LOH is frequently present in GIST irrespective of KIT genotype and it might play a role in part of the development of GIST. However, the hemiallelic loss of INI1 gene causing reduced expression of INI1 protein probably does not have a major impact in the progression of GIST.

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