High output voltage generation of over 5 V from liquid motion on single-layer MoS2

Adha Sukma Aji, Ryohei Nishi, Hiroki Ago, Yutaka Ohno

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Water stores a large amount of clean energy in its dynamic forms. Owing to the wide availability of water and the rising demand for clean energy sources, the direct electricity generation from liquid motion by low-dimensional materials such as graphene has gained much interest. Electricity generation is induced by the motion of an electric double layer at the interface between the liquid droplet and solid surface. However, the output voltage with materials such as graphene is still limited to several hundred millivolts. In this report, we present a large-area single-layer MoS2 film grown by chemical vapor deposition as a nanogenerator, which is capable of generating a large output voltage of more than 5 V from the motion of an aqueous NaCl droplet. Our findings indicate that the high shunt resistance of MoS2 results in a large generated voltage. Furthermore, we demonstrate the possibility to scale up the MoS2 nanogenerator by arranging them in series and parallel connections, which respectively increase the output voltage and current, with a three-times increase with an array of three MoS2 nanogenerators. Our work opens the application of single-layer MoS2 for harvesting electricity from the dynamic movement of liquid, such as the capability to harvest ocean wave energy, which is also demonstrated here.

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出版ステータス出版済み - 2月 2020

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